How often are the woes of identity theft and credit card fraud reported? Consumers are frightened to make purchases electronically for fear their financial information can be stolen. Check-out carts are abandoned once consumers realize the personal and financial information required to complete a purchase. Credit Card and Identity Thefts occur resulting in Mis-ships, Charge backs, Your Not Responsible, and Card or Bank Account cancellations. The Consumer is left to recoup lost money, their identity, and financial security. For many it can take months and for some years. The Merchant most times has to absorb the loss.

Enterpin is a Patented System for processing payments and purchases using only a PIN and YOUR DELIVERY ADDRESS. A revolutionary method for providing secure transactions over various means of communication and most importantly, protecting a consumer’s valuable payment information and protecting merchants from charge backs. TELL your Card Holder, Bank, Payment Processor, and ISP… I WANT MY ENTERPIN! everyone@everyplace!


EnterPIN eCommerce Transactor  | Andrew Casper, Director of Business Development |  Office (973) 838-5978

US Patent No.: 7,127,427 - Title:  Secure transaction processing system and method. 
Patent is available for license or purchase (and many other extensions) are also available.

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